Laser Safety Supplies

Why Laser Safety?

There are a variety of hazards associated with laser and IPL use. The principal hazard is unintended irradiation by the laser or IPL beam, either directly or indirectly through reflections.  The greatest risk is to the eyes and skin.  
Anyone who uses this type of technology must wear protective eyewear, as well as EVERY OTHER PERSON in the treatment room.  Clinics are also required by the Australian/New Zealand Standard; Guide to the safe use of lasers in health care AS/NZS 4173:2004 to have warning signs posted on all doors containing IPL or laser systems. 

The IPL & Laser Training Academy have sourced wavelength specific eyewear that fit well, meet the highest laser safety standards, and look good too.  We also offer fit over safety glasses for therapist who wear prescription glasses.  You have a choice 3 shades so you can actually see what you are doing, without the risk of accidental radiation exposure buy constantly lifting them up or even worse, by not wearing any safety glasses at all.  The darkest shades are often given to the client. 

You will also find stick on single use disposable eyewear, especially for facial skin rejuvenation treatments, and laser tattoo removal.  These can also be used for LED treatments.  

All safety glasses come in a hard case and used correctly and cared for will last your clinic for years.  They are a necessity and are priced for affordability.  What price do you put on your eyesight, or that of your clients?