IPL & Lasers

At the IPL & Laser Training Academy you will be training with Medical Grade and FDA approved Lasers and IPL systems by Formatk.  After 30 years of using nearly every sysrtem on the market, (and we know the pitfalls most devices present) we believe we have found a system that your therapists will find so easy to use, offers customized treatment options for each client to deliver the results expected by you and your client. 

Formatk is a global developer and manufacturer of technologically driven and market oriented devices for the medical and aesthetic market. The IPL & Laser Training Academy are proud to introduce this new  range of IPL and Laser systems to New Zealand, that empowers professional practitioners and sets a new standard of quality, innovation and safety.  

If you are interested in training or are looking for a quality, professional and reliable device please call us on 0800475577 to discuss.   
Remember, we have been using lasers and IPL in clinics for nearly 30 years, we understand you!
Combining the 808nm Diode Laser with full range of IPL applicators.  The 2 most in demand technologies, in one device.  Providing over 20 clinical indications, the Alpha will let you expand your treatment menu as your business grows.   
Forma System

The best system on the market for a small clinic.  Combining a full range of IPL technology, micro dermabrasion and RF skin tightening, Forma is perfect for the dermal therapist.  The one device that you will have working all day long.  


A fully customizable platform with 3 technologies; Diode Laser, IPL, and Nd YAG Laser.  With a variety of 13 applicators you can invest in what you need now, and gradually expand your treatment service.   

Forma Light

A compact design but with more power than most IPL systems on the market.  Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation and vascular lesions, this IPL it all. Designed for continuous use in a busy clinic, with results you and your clients expect.