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About the IPL & Laser Training Academy


The IPL & Laser Training Academy was founded by Heather Thompson, who has specialized in IPL and Laser treatments for over 30 years - basically from the beginnings of permanent hair removal in this country. With her own clinic, a qualified beauty therapist and Trichologist, Heather offers a wealth of knowledge underpinned with professional practices. Continually learning and expanding her own understanding of new technology, Heather has used many different IPL and Laser systems, including Q Switched Nd YAG laser for tattoo removal.

Having taught in many clinics around the country, Heather has seen a is a great need for advanced and thorough training in all aspects of Intense Pulsed Light and laser applications for hair removal, skin rejuvenation treatments, and laser tattoo removal.  The IPL & Laser Training Academy has been set up specifically for this, and is the first, independent, specialized, post graduate training facility based in Tauranga, focusing on all IPL and Laser treatments for the beauty therapy and cosmetic appearance industries.

With a strong focus on theory and practical applications using these technologies, students will be taught by Heather and her qualified and highly experienced beauty therapists and nurses.

“It really concerns me when I hear from clinics ‘Oh IPL doesn’t work,’ or ‘we are scared to treat certain skins’ or possibly worse still ‘I don’t wear my safety glasses because I cant see with them on!’. This is really down to a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of laser science, laser safety and no real in depth training or support. I have spent so many years working with this technology, it is magic, if it is used properly. I love to pass onto my students as much of what I have learnt as possible.”


The aim of the training academy is to give the opportunity for students to develop post graduate and advanced skills, techniques, and personal qualities and attitudes to provide highly professional treatments using IPL or laser systems.

As we have experience with so many systems if you bring your IPL or Laser manual to class we can go over some questions you may have with treatments. We do not in any way want to be seen as counteractive toward your supplier, we are here to help with treatment progress and results for your clients.

The IPL & Laser Training Academy has made courses accessible for clinics by separating learning into separate hair and skin or tattoo focus. This is to coincide with the emergence of hair removal only IPL and Laser systems, but also to accommodate clinics that only want to focus on one particular treatment.




Here are some of the reasons for training with us;

  • Do you own or rent and IPL and were not happy with the 1/2 day training you received?
  • You have had a lot of staff turnover and want a consistent level of expertise in your clinic?
  • You may be new to the industry and are looking for professional IPL training.
  • Are you a new beauty therapy graduate who wants to advance their skill for a better job?
  • Your staff need a refresher to up skill and motivate them again?
  • You are not getting the results you expected from your IPL or Laser?
  • You just brought a clinic and need to have a better understanding of this technology?
  • you want to add IPL or tattoo removal into your clinic?
  • you looking for post graduate training?

There are many reasons why you may be considering IPL and Laser training. Often supplier training is not sufficient or in depth enough to gain complete confidence in this technology. We all forget things over time, or worse misguided by incorrect information, so a refresher or update of your knowledge base is very important to your business and to your clients.

Your staff are the face of your business so it makes sense they understand what they are doing.




Here are some of the benefits you gain from our training;

  • Professional development for your staff
  • Gain a consistent operating style with your therapists
  • Your staff gain more confidence and more understanding of IPL treatments
  • Full and ongoing support is provided to all graduates
  • Assisting clinics to meet the needs of staff and clients
  • To help the clinic better manage client expectations and results
  • Gain confidence by performing practical treatments on all body areas


Always a component of any professional qualification, assessments are performed in a friendly, non-threatening manner, with both theory and practical evaluations.


Individual focus

With an understanding of different learning styles each class has limited numbers, so personal attention can be given to each student ensuring a maximum learning experience for everyone.

Some clinics have IPL systems that focus on hair treatments, and some clinics are looking to up skill and offer advanced techniques for treating vascular and pigmentation. It is important to The IPL & Laser Training Academy that courses are available to fit into a clinics treatment menu and schedule. The courses are available as a 5 day block or can be spread into shorter focused courses to limit the down time a clinic may experience having a therapist out for longer periods of time.

We have a specialised theory training room, with many different learning media, and practical training rooms where students will do real treatments on 'real people'. Learning on a variety of clients enables your therapist to have more confidence when returning to your clinic.


Inclusive training

Clinic owners and other support staff, who may not be therapists or who will not be performing treatments, are welcome to be part of the training to gain a better understanding of the treatment process and a full awareness of treatments offered in your clinic.

After training support

Support after training is important to the IPL & Laser Training Academy philosophy and ongoing help is available to students who have qualified from the Institute.


Training is not just limited to the Academy. If you wish for training to be done in your clinic, please call Heather to discuss this option; 0800 475577.